How to Protect Floors and Carpets When Moving

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Moving can be extremely stressful and there are so many things that has to be done. Unfortunately the floors and carpeting usually take the brunt of the movers. This can cause a lot of trouble but when you know how to protect your floors, you don’t have to worry. So, how can you protect your carpets or flooring when moving?

Meet With the Rock Moving Services

You may not believe meeting up with the movers is a necessary move before the big day however it can be a wise decision. The reason why is simple; when the movers take a brief walkthrough of the home, they can see which pieces of furniture are potentially tricky and can basically tell you how they will remove the items. For instance, a sofa may not be able to fit through the hallway meaning it must be removed via a conservatory; this gives you an idea of protecting that area also. You might not have planned to protect back routes but now you know carpets and flooring can be protected when moving.

Cover Carpeting with Protective Covers or Film

It is so easy to tear or rip a carpet when moving heavier objects; all it takes is for one person to lose their gripping or for them to accidentally scuff the carpet. However, by using carpet film or purchasing carpet covers, you can avoid any tearing. This should also help to keep the carpeting clean. If you are going to use covers however you do need to ensure they are sufficiently stuck down with tape so that no one trips or has an accident. Rock moving services can be great but if the carpet covers aren’t securely down there may be an accident or two. This can also be done with bare floorboards and hardwood flooring. Visit this site for more information :

Plywood Can Protect Flooring

Buying plywood isn’t in fact too costly and you can easily pick this up at the local hardware store. You can place this in any part of the home and it will make it easier to remove heavy appliances without damaging the floors. Moving items can be much simpler if you have the necessary protection in place. It would probably also help if furniture legs were removed before being taken out of the home.

Line with Newspaper

On wooden floors it would be wise to lay down sheets of newspaper or special protective paper. It will need to be securely in place with tape of course but once its down there should be no issues now. This can in fact be very useful to protect a floor from being damaged and Rock moving services don’t have too much trouble removing larger objects from bedrooms. Click here.

Remove the Carpeting If Possible

The obvious answer to protect a carpet in a home would be to lift it before the movers come. This shouldn’t take too long and hopefully it will protect most of the carpeting. However, if this isn’t a possibility then you need to use the protective films or covers. These should give a lot of support to the carpet and while you might need to give the carpets a quick run-over with a vacuum, they will be protected when moving.

Protecting Your Carpets Can Be Easy

It isn’t always possible to remove carpeting or protect the floors when moving but there are certain steps you can take to reduce or minimize potential damage. The above steps hopefully will help and you shouldn’t have too much trouble moving now. Rock moving services can give a lot of help and advice about protecting your carpets.