Are you planning your relocation to Canada?

Whether you are just beginning or halfway through the emigration process we can help you. We have the answers and the tools you are looking for to make a success of your move.

We are June and Mark Spindloe, we immigrated to Halifax, Nova Scotia from Southampton in 1996, it was during this time that we experienced our own frustrations in finding support and information about our new home.

Canadian Government websites and immigration consultants didn’t give us some of the detailed information we were looking for, each Province in Canada is different and we wanted information tailored to our Nova Scotian lifestyle.

I started to write for some of the U.K. emigrate publications and was invited to speak at the seminars about Nova Scotia at some of the U.K. Emigrate Shows, I was determined to inform people about the differences in everyday life here as well as some of the bigger challenges that they would come across as new immigrants.

In 2002 I opened Mumford Bed and Breakfast here in Halifax. Besides becoming a popular destination for tourists it has now also become a unique and ideal location for those of you who are on fact finding trips or need a temporary accommodation when landing. The advice support and information that we can provide right from the beginning of the emigration process is invaluable.

Mumford Bed and Breakfast needed a Realtor to work with relocation clients so I asked Mark to become a Realtor in 2007 and provide the kind of service that I knew our clients deserve, knowing who to trust and how to go about buying property here was a question that kept coming up.

Most newcomers are not familiar with the house buying process in Nova Scotia Mark works for Exit a full service and real estate brokerage and has his own website at – contact him by phone or email and save hours of time and money hunting for your dream home online. Set up your own profile with him and he will provide you with the information you need to make the right choices on lifestyle and location.

Relocation Nova Scotia Inc. has now grown in its own right and has continued to become a reliable source for information and support for individuals as well as recruiters and corporate clients that are using our destination settlement services for employees.

relocation movers

We continue to expand with our coaching services.

We know emigrating will be one of the most challenging and costly moves you will ever make, working with us will provide you with a relocation process tailored to your Nova Scotian Lifestyle and get you up and running as fast as possible.

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